Photo Set Courtesy of Bruce Biegler -
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MRP Sign Bert Straton's "Hairy Canary" Willys Jim Grant's topless "Canadian" Valiant Funny Car 40 willys pick up     owned,built,driven by Dale Hunt Buck Kinney's Camaro and 70 Cuda Driven by John Cecil Boden Jr.
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T.V. Tommy Ivo standing by his car Daniel Higgins and Jerry Ruth getting ready to push start Jerry Ruth's Mustang Funny Car Charlie Allen's Dodge Charger Funny Car Gary Egbert from Edmonton
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Dave Stobbe '57 Vette versus Jim Armstrong '56 Chevy
Photo Set Courtesy of Rick Bryant -
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33 Willys a/gs  owned by Mas Hikida, and Terry McHardy...driven by Terry    
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